An Intern with no benefits!


“You will have to stay back for a few extra hours”, i was told. “Yeah yeah why not. I am a robot. Please make me slog my arse off for the work i will not even be appreciated for” I thought to myself. In reality, “Yes” was my answer. We all need a pat on our back once in a while, don’t we?

I sat in front of my computer and stared into all the political work i was working on. Nothing could be more useless than what i was doing. Yet, i consoled myself everyday by telling myself, ” You are learning, girl. everyone goes through it. Just go with it. You can do this”. But i knew how i went to the fancy office everyday to learn nothing but tips on how to make my future intern’s life hell. I learnt great a deal though. Continue reading An Intern with no benefits!


A crime to be unemployed?

coffeeA girl in her 20s sits back with a coffee-mug in her hand, magic in her eyes and talks about her life. There was nothing more amusing than seeing this girl talking with so much passion and amusement on how and when will people stop asking her to start WORKING.

“I have worked before, in the media. Radio, television,newspapers,blogs. I’m a journalist , you know. But suddenly, I am no more a journalist just because i am not working at the moment. Who again are these people exactly? They care about me, i know, but i have had enough. So what if i don’t want to work for a few months? So what if i decide to just sit and do absolutely nothing? And also, i often think, these politicians, counselors, advice givers, the “wise men”, who are they? Just Humans, right? What gives them the right to think that they know every goddamn thing about the world? Why can’t people just be freaking happy and peaceful? What are these goddamn wars for? Am i asking too many questions?

“No, love. Go on”

“Yeah, so i was saying, i don’t know where to work now. I have worked in almost every firm and they are all so shallow. So meaningless. Fuck! I don’t know.”

“You love coffee, don’t you? You turn into this super woman with unstoppable thinking capabilities when you have the coffee glass in your hands”

” I wish coffee could solve things. Add some sugar, situation is sweet. Add some milk, situation is neutralized. Have some espresso, and you are oh-so-strong. ”

“I see what you mean”

“NO, you do not know what i mean. No-one knows what anyone means. I cry , every night. And i don’t even know why. But then again, i laugh. I laugh a lot. Are you with me here?”

“Yes, right here, beautiful”

“What makes a person beautiful? The entire idea of beautiful is so screwed up man. And what is ugly? who defines ugly? Also, Love. I don’t understand love. ”

“Love isn’t something to be understood”

” That means no-one will ever understand me?”

This girl taught me so much in such little time.