An Intern with no benefits!


“You will have to stay back for a few extra hours”, i was told. “Yeah yeah why not. I am a robot. Please make me slog my arse off for the work i will not even be appreciated for” I thought to myself. In reality, “Yes” was my answer. We all need a pat on our back once in a while, don’t we?

I sat in front of my computer and stared into all the political work i was working on. Nothing could be more useless than what i was doing. Yet, i consoled myself everyday by telling myself, ” You are learning, girl. everyone goes through it. Just go with it. You can do this”. But i knew how i went to the fancy office everyday to learn nothing but tips on how to make my future intern’s life hell. I learnt great a deal though.

I had come across a great mentor in the office whom i looked up to. She just knew how to work and get the work done. While working in her team, she set an example for me that a woman can do what a man can do in this industry and so much more. I was appreciated and thanked every day for helping her out. Never did she make me feel like an “Intern”. “I see so much potential in you, i would love to have you in my team”, she said. At that point, i knew that even if she had just said that to motivate me, i couldn’t thank her enough.

Well, to my bad luck, i was shifted to another team in a few months ( an intern should experience all the departments, office policy baby). And then it all started. The criminally long working hours. And for what? From a happy, chirpy, hyper girl i suddenly changed into a bitter bitch who was ready to snap at anybody at any given point. Not that anybody treated me badly but something just did not fit. Work was fine but the people around me weren’t. I could see my seniors and the employees my age complaining and cribbing about the work over tea and cigarettes.  I feared to be a part of all this in the future. I feared to be a bitter bitch for the rest of my life.

A few months passed and i suddenly got a call from the HR offering me a job. I was shocked. I panicked instead of jumping with joy. I suddenly knew what i did not want. I didn’t want this kind of a life. Frankly, i didn’t know what i wanted either but i was crystal clear on what i didn’t want. The kind man who had offered me the job gave me 3 more options. Each time my fear grew. “You cannot be choosy. Everyone struggles before settling in. No-one gets it easy. You should know how to handle situations.”, I was told. I never looked for an easy way out but i did not want to struggle in that place. You know?

I decided to finally quit,so i did. I couldn’t be happier. I refused to be an intern with no benefits in a place i knew wasn’t meant for me. The people in that office were so kind. To my luck, i always worked with the best of people and i cannot thank them enough for making me realize that it is okay to follow your heart.

Now here i am, proud of myself for taking the best decision of my life. And now i am an still-unemployed yet happy girl with a lot of benefits. 🙂





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