HELLO SUMMER

Helping you with a few tips to get through Summer smoothly without                      compromising on your personal style-statement and comfort!



As much as we love the latest fashion trends, we need to be smart and careful about the fabrics we choose to wear in the Summer! Make sure your clothes are breathable and not sticking to your body all the time. COTTON and LINEN are our all time favorite. It absorbs sweat, is super breathable and keeps you cool all day long. Silk, seersucker ( a type of cotton fabric) and thin denim fabrics also work beautifully! Wear light and feel light.





Colors! The trick is colors! This season, don’t be skeptical about choosing bright bold colors. White, Yellow, Orange, Shades of green, Lime, Pink and any bright fresh colors you can get your hands on.  Pastel is also a safe bet, plain and classy for those who like to keep it simple.  Experiment with colors and mix-match your clothes to make your own style-statement this season.




Who doesn’t like comfortable loose clothes? Okay, this works wonders. Try wearing your top/shirt/T-shirt which is half or one size bigger than your normal size.  Or lost fitted Pants can really change the game for you. Team it with a singlet or a soft jacket/ Shrug and you are ready to go around the town.  It gives you the freedom to move around freely, is super breathable and saves us from feeling sticky and irritated.

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Girls, experiment and play with hairstyles which keep the hair off your face .These days with so many DIY hairstyle videos, it makes it all the more easier.  Show them all your pretty face! Put your hair in a messy bun or a half pony or any other stylish hairdo. This will make you look more neat and can make a huge difference in your look overall. Skip leaving your hair open and opt for cute and easy hairstyles that suit you.




Summer is a favorite among most of the ladies. WHY? Well, It let’s us wear those cute summer dresses we own, Yes! This is for every woman- with any body type.  Go for a white or a floral Cotton dress which is a little above your knees (knee-length dresses look amazing too) paired with a smart pair of converse or gladiators or maybe even flats. Best part is that you do not need to look for any occasion to wear your dresses. This can be worn on a daily basis because why not?  Complete the look with a Hat, a classy/quirky pair of sunglasses and you are oh-so-summer-ready!



BONUS TIP– Keep your eye make-up light , your products smudge and water-proof, your eyebrows and eyelashes on point and your lips bright.



P.S – Sunscreen, Sunscreen and lots of Sunscreen!

Happy Summer,gorgeous ladies! 


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